I have been trying different supplements, diets, detoxes and even exercises to cure my leaky gut and really nothing worked as well as I was promised. I thought My Gut Hero’s colostrum powder was just another empty promise but I was pretty desperate as I really didn’t want to go to see a doctor that would tell me to go full gluten-free. Long story short, it worked great. My leaky gut seems to have been completely cured. No more diarrhea, no more getting crazy tired, it has even subsided my binges for carbs and sugary sweets which of course has made a dramatic difference in other areas of my life…hello flat stomach J. Somehow this magical little powder has turned me into this health nut that just wants to tell everybody else about it, I may even start my own blog! Uh oh, now I think I’ve really lost it…thanks again My Gut Hero, Rob and Kate are da best!

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