My 3 year old son had a terrible time with ear infections since he was about 10 months old. The first few seemed standard for infants but then they became more and more frequent and were preventing him from getting any sort of good sleep. After he had to spend 5 days in the hospital at the age of 2 due to illness, I felt I needed to take action. The doctors said his lack of sleep was having a domino effect on his whole immune system and that it wouldn’t recover unless he got more sleep but he couldn’t get more sleep until he recovered. Discussing his options with his doctor, I decided to try My Gut Hero’s bovine colostrum powder first over the more unnatural alternatives. I am so thankful to this day that I did. It took a little bit of time but the colostrum really seemed to improve his health. His ear infections became more and more infrequent and he was finally getting a great night’s sleep. It’s been 10 months since his last incident which just seems all too unreal, his mood is so much brighter and he is just the perfect healthy little boy. I’ve got my husband and myself taking the colostrum as well and we can honestly say it’s made improvements in our health too, I think the biggest benefits being digestive. I cannot thank My Gut Hero enough for being there for our son but I will try – THANK YOU!

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