I’m a professional athlete and former Olympian; I’m actually trying to qualify for Korea 2018 right now! I perform in a sport where even the smallest increase in performance can result in you being victorious. It’s no surprise that athletes will do anything to get these miniscule increases and I believe colostrum powder is one of these things. My coach first recommended it to me a couple years ago and since then I have made sure it is with me at all times. It is an approved drug by the IOC and definitely gives me a leg up performance wise. It is gaining popularity and I see it more and more from fellow competitors, which is a little disconcerting. My Gut Hero’s colostrum has some of the highest concentrated immunoglobulin rates on the market and the fact that is 100% organic can’t be understated. I have tried weaker stuff and let’s just say you get weaker results. Not only does it improve my stamina and helps me recover fast but it also keeps me from being sick, which is a momentum killer because it means it’s one less day I can’t work out. I have seriously never gotten the flu or any cold while on this stuff. Keep your eyes for bovine colostrum making headlines in a couple years, it seriously packs a powerful punch.

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