Hey, I noticed you guys don’t have any stories about pets yet so here I am! I first heard of colostrum powder from our vet as a possible health supplement to give our aging Labrador Louie. Like most big, pure bred dogs Louie suffers from hip problems and a form of doggy arthritis. He’s 13 years old and has lived an action packed life but his health issues confined him to his bed and his moping made us all feel his pain. I started mixing in your colostrum powder with his water and it really only seemed to take a couple of weeks before I started to notice him get up and explore the house a little more. I would come home to work and he would be there at the door happy as ever to see me which I can’t remember how long it’s been since he’s done that. We just got back from the Vet after a few months of taking the colostrum and he was given a glowing review and it seems the bone deterioration has slowed. We know he won’t live forever but it warms our hearts so much to see him back moving and happy. Thank you so much guys.

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