I’ve trained and competed against Rob (he and his wife started My Gut Hero) in various capacities and I can vividly remember when he started “experimenting” with colostrum powder before and after workouts. Let’s just say I noticed. We used to be very similar in all our personal bests in lifting and our rides (bicycling) were always a toss-up on who was going to win. That all changed once Rob started to take colostrum powder both as a stamina booster and recovery drink. His lifting progress nearly doubled mine and soon his PB’s were blowing me out of the water, he also never seemed to tire – sounds a little cheeky I know but it’s how it felt to me as I was grasping for air and taking longer to get my heart rate down for another lift than him. He also continually smoked me during our weekly bike races, the guy’s determination seemed limitless so I finally had to ask him what his secret was. He told me he heard of these Olympic cross country skiers taking colostrum powder as an organic supplement to help give them more stamina and speed up their recovery times, and after seeing his improvements I had to give it a try. I was hooked just after my second regular use. I had the single best workout session of my life and I have never looked back since. I bothered Rob so much to get me more colostrum all the time that I like to think I was the one that pushed him to start My Gut Hero. We both have tried to cut corners and order cheaper, less ‘real’ colostrum powder before but nothing beats the 100% organic stuff. It’s amazing how you can really feel the difference. My success story other than knowing Rob? Since taking colostrum powder I’ve beat my PR triathlon time 3 times, including 2 top 5 finishes (before I could barely beat anybody in my heat), I’m also going to be competing in my first ever local strongman competition which is something I never would have dreamed of qualifying for. Rob may think he’s been my inspiration to what I’ve accomplished but he and I both know deep down it’s because of his kick a** colostrum powder.

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