Hello, I’m Rob’s Grandpa. I’m 94 years old and would like to share my colostrum success story with you all. When I lost my beautiful wife of 63 years, my health really suffered. I was naturally extremely disheartened but I let it impact my physical health the most. My state of depression resulted in a terrible diet and a lack of any physical activity. To put it simply, I was slowly dying and was doing nothing to fix that. I did come to this realization on my own and tried to make a change but it was hard and my body felt too broken down to have enough energy to do any action. My grandson brought some of this colostrum with him on one of his visits and told me how to take it. I had nothing to lose and went along with what I thought was a wacky request. I don’t remember when I first felt its effects but I do remember feeling slightly stronger and more energetic as the days progressed. I started to slowly do some things I hadn’t done since I lost my wife. I made myself my first fresh meal in months, cleaned the house, went for a walk around the block. At first I could do only one small activity a day and then would feel too tired to do anything else but over time I would finish doing something and be ready for the next. Next thing I knew, I was tilling a vegetable garden, taking longer walks and I even completed my first wood project in probably 20 years – a garden bench so I can sit and watch the birds play in my new foliage. I believe that this colostrum powder has helped me immensely with getting my health not only back to normal, but above average for men my age. I now play in a men’s golf league three times a week and still have enough energy afterwards to tend to my garden and do other projects around the house, the next oldest in that group is 76! I know Rob has heard enough thank you’s from me for a lifetime so I thought I owe it to him to write a little bit about my experience with what he’s doing. I do recommend anybody who is unsure if colostrum can help you to just try it. I still take it every day and don’t have any plans to stop.

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