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A natural hero for your immune and digestive systems.

This scientifically backed supplement is known to help cure leaky gut, boost immune systems and plays a pivotal role in athletic performance and recovery. Try it today and find out why we have so many happy users.

Organic bovine colostrum powder can regenerate and repair damaged muscles. It works directly with your immune system to allow you to heal better and faster.

Colostrum has 97 immune factors, 81 known growth factor, rich proteins and antioxidants.

And is 100% Natural!

My Gut Hero’s Colostrum

Our bovine colostrum powder is 100% organic and a powerhouse to help your body and mind endure and recover from physical stress quickly. It also helps aging bodies remain active longer.

Organic bovine colostrum powder is the “pre-milk” produced by cows after giving birth. Colostrum has been used for thousands of years to stenghten the immune system and help cells and muscles heal faster.

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100% organic bovine colostrum powder with  20% IgG. Be healthier, stronger and cure pesky ailments with this scientifically backed supplement. This powder is a pivotal player in our never get sick again movement and is also used by Olympic and Professional athletes.

Who’s it for?


Olympians, Strongmen, Professional and Amature Athletes rely on our colostrum powder as a powerful recovery supplement as well as a stamina booster. Bovine colostrum is not on the banned drug of the International Olympic Committee.

Longevity Seekers

Using our bovine colostrum powder has a plethora of anti-aging benefits including muscle growth & support, bone growth & density, anti-inflammatory protection and much more. 


My Gut Hero’s bovine colostrum is used by healthy families everywhere, boosting the immune and digestive systems, healing injuries and repairing nervous system damage. Improving and enriching mood and sense of well being for the whole family.


We love our pets, and hope they can be as healthy as we are but with our bovine colostrum powder you can make sure of it! Bovine Colostrum has been used successfully to treat and improve the lives of pets everywhere. 

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