My wife and I started ‘My Gut Hero’ as an homage to by far our favorite supplement – colostrum. As athletes, we used it as a recovery supplement and saw amazing results as well as using it in our quest to never be sick again (5 years and going strong!) but couldn’t buy 100% organic colostrum very easily, unless of course we were willing to pay big bucks. We sought out to fix this but kept running into dead end after dead end. Fate was on our side though, as we met a Canadian couple in a cafe, while vacationing in Salzburg, Austria of all places, that produced and sold their own bovine colostrum to a handful of Canadian Olympic athletes directly. They thought it would be a great idea to provide us with their 100% organic and potent colostrum. We loved it so much better than any other colostrum out there and saw its amazing effects with not just athletes but our grandparents and little nieces/nephews that we had to start making it accessible to everyone. Which is why we started this website.

Do know why you should be using organic colostrum powder? Keep reading!

Colostrum has been used for its tremendous health benefits for thousands of years. It is a “pre-milk” produced by all mammals while giving birth. What is new is colostrum powder as a supplement to skyrocket physical performance and endurance, especially bovine colostrum.

We’ve known for a long time how critical the colostrum in mother’s milk is the helping infants thrive. Bovine colostrum contains 40 times more health benefits than human colostrum. Studies done during the past three decades have shown the remarkable benefits of colostrum to the immune system in both children and adults, and it is thought that colostrum could actually reverse immune system disorders such as AIDS.

For anyone looking for a natural supplement to help reach optimal physical performance, the powerhouse supplement colostrum can serve as an answer. Some of the known benefits of colostrum are:

  • It can regenerate and heal damaged nerve tissue, cartilage and restore strength to aging muscles and rejuvenate bone and muscle cells.
  • It helps burn body fat instead of muscle tissue, thereby building lean, strong muscles.
  • It shortens the period of post-training stress, allowing the body to recover quicker.
  • It balances blood sugar levels.
  • It regulates brain chemicals to enhance positive moods. All athletes know that optimal physical performance starts in the mind.

The Difference in Colostrum

If you are considering supplementing your diet with colostrum powder to see how much it can do for your health and well-being, understand that not all colostrum powders are created equal.

Genuine colostrum comes from the first or second milking of a cow that has given birth, usually several hours thereafter. It is precisely these two initial milking that contain the nutritional benefits and immune system enhancers of colostrum. This “pre-milk” is immediately flash frozen to retain all nutrients and immunoglobins.

Legally, any cow milk produced within five days of giving birth can be called colostrum. This colostrum is inferior to real colostrum, with far less health benefits. It may be called colostrum, but it lacks all the power of real colostrum.

To ensure your colostrum is the real thing, look for the organic label. The best form of organic colostrum powder is gathered from grass-fed cows that are never treated with artificial hormones. These artificial hormones are not something you want to have end up in your body. Reading labels and doing research is important to ensure you are buying genuine, 100 percent organic bovine colostrum.

For athletes, colostrum prevents the inflammation that can results from strenuous jogging or cycling. It helps to burn fat, increases lean muscle mass and overall body strength. The severe stress of maximum bodily exertion can leave the gut wall weakened and leaking toxins into the blood stream. These gut problems can be prevented by taking bovine colostrum several days prior to peak physical stress. A personalized diet that includes colostrum on a regular basis provide serious athletes with the vitality, boost and energy to maximize and exceed performance.

It’s not just athletes that benefit from colostrum. A person exercising even mildly in extreme heat can prevent the risk of heat stroke by taking colostrum.

Anyone interested in increasing the body’s endurance and ability to recover from strenuous exercise should consider adding organic bovine colostrum to their diet. It is easily consumed by stirring a few grams into a glass of water between meals. And the proven results are powerful.

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